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12 Chuck eye steaks

16-20 Ribeyes 

16-20 Filets 

16-20 NY Strips 

10 Denver Steaks

2 Flank Steaks

2-3 Flat Iron Steaks

2 Tri Tip Steaks

2 Tender Tips

2 Inside Skirt Steaks

1-2 Outside Skirt Steaks

10 Osso Bucco

1 Hanging Tender

7-8 Short Ribs

1 Four Bone Short Rib

2 Briskets (there are 2 briskets per cow)

Remainder is Hamburger packaged in 1/lb.

*Marrow, Ox Tail, Heart, Liver, Cheeck Meat, Tongue(ordered upon request)

Whole All Natural Beef ~400lbs

Out of Stock
  • 12 cu. ft. of freezer space. We have a stand up freezer in the garage and it is amazing for having Knape Beef year around! We are a family of 5 with kids all under 7 years old (or my parents who have 6 grandkids). I'm sure we will go through a lot more meat once they are teenagers!

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