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A Perfect Partnership

Today, Teresa Trojanowski will travel to Madison, Wisconsin for the Crossfit Games. Check her out this weekend on or CBS Sports Network.


Community: you become who you surround yourself with. Thanks for keeping up with us; it means the world as we strive to connect local ranchers/farmers to our own communities.

Knape Beef is proud to partner with Teresa Trojanowski who personifies the qualities of relentless sacrifice, selfless service and undaunting determination. Her commitment to Faith, Family/Community, Wellness and striving to reach the highest personal goals.

Faith: "Lord I can't even walk without you holding my hand..." - Cody Johnson

Family/Community: They are synonymous. Immediate family is who we celebrate holidays and special occasions with and who you love no matter what. We also have our work/business community that can be like family, only if the leader makes it that way, like Teresa! The leader supports you, cheers you on, and encourages you just like family and expects nothing in return. Teresa has made Crossfit Central Houston just that! Selfless sacrifice, asking nothing in return while all the time pursing her dream and building others up.

Wellness: Food is fuel for your body. Put in bad fuel, your car will go slow. Put in lean fuel, your car will run smoother. You get the difference! You get out of life, what you put into it. Teresa has goals and has been working hard for the Crossfit games so it's only natural we would partner together with a life long product, dream, legacy and quiet willingness to do what is right for the sake of bigger dreams.

Personal Goals: Our motto is "When you feel like quitting think about why you started." Teresa never gave up on her dreams. Even when she didn't make it the first time to the Crossfit Games. Then, during the next year, some random 'mid-20's' asked when she graduated high school and they gasped at her reply. She smiled and trucked on. If you are on the edge giving up on your dreams don't! Teresa is a shining example of patient perseverance.

Knape Cattle Co, like Teresa, realizes it isn't just one's dream but everybody's support to help us reach our full potential. It takes a family, community and a belief in something bigger than ourselves to keep us moving.

"If you aren't going all the way, why go at all?" - Joe Namath

Knape Beef Family

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