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Our Harvey Heroes ~1,500 miles, power outages... and 1 Year Later

We would love to share 2 amazing stories on how Gulf Coast Large Animal Clinic in Alvin, TX and Knape Beef were blessed during Hurricane Harvey and the Heroes that came to the rescue! It’s hard to not get choked up when going back through the photos and realizing how many good people are out there in the world and knowing we can get through anything when we all pull together.

From Pennsylvania to Texas ~1,500 miles!

Three families in Pennsylvania watched the news and wanted to help in some way. Leon and Ashley Ewing, Jeremy and Amanda Moyer and Jessie and Mandy Monismith organized their central PA community of Wellsville, Pennsylvania and ended up loading 3 FULL trailers with animal supplies, feed/hay and other items and then DROVE their own vehicles from PA to drop off donated supplies at Gulf Coast Large Animal clinic and a church in League City, TX nearly 1,500 miles away from their hometown. These men left their families to help out complete strangers to drive over the course of a few days without knowing what to expect. They made it to Gulf Coast Large Animal clinic safely where a distribution center was established at the clinic. Our friends from PA didn’t just stop there, they stayed a few days and lent a helping hand where needed and even helped out Mrs. Diana Weil with her flooded home and ranch. She was featured in the Houston Chronicle as the Texas Army National Guard dropped hay for stranded cattle near Alvin, TX and family friend of Dr. Gregg and Cheryl Knape. They drew the attention of their central PA community and their love for their neighbors in Texas saved so many and gave hope to folks in such a stressful time. We thank God for such caring folks all across our nation that sacrificed so much, when nothing was asked of them nor expecting anything in return. They are true heroes in our books and may God and Texas bless them!

Power Outage!

During Harvey the pastures all around Alvin, TX had water with animals seeking high ground. However, when the water started receding is when things got scary at my dad’s vet clinic Gulf Coast Large Animal clinic run by Dr. Gregg and Cheryl Knape. The clinic runs on water wells, which require electricity to pump fresh water. Since there was no power, there was no fresh water. They had an influx of animals being brought into the clinic immediately following the storm. After getting desperate from bucketing water out of troughs in the clinic owners own pastures, they were running dry (ironically) to support the animals and themselves for that matter, we put out a message to a group of friends about the need for electricity. Within an HOUR we had a huge generator on its way to the clinic, which wasn’t easy to get an 18 wheeler around town that time. Edd Compton, Gus Smith and Ben Duncan arrived that night and help connect it into the clinic/water wells. Vernon Droege Electric came out the next day to fine tune it. They ALL truly saved the day and without them many animals would have perished. Their help brought fresh water and also pharmaceuticals from the clinic cold to help treat animals!

"Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble."

1 Peter 3:8

God Bless Y'all and God Bless Texas!

The Knape's

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