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We (Ryan, Mackenzie, Patrick (10), Claire (7) and James (4) are moving back home on our land that is contiguous with Knape Beef's current ranch! We have loved living in the Heights for 5 years and Bellaire for 10 years... making great friends that we will keep in touch with for sure... we are only 34 miles away! Country life has been calling our name and 2020 provided the opportunity to do so, maybe in an unconventional way, which is on par for the year for everybody. Time with family is a blessing bestowed upon us during 2020 and helped shape the decision for the move... along with lots of prayers!

The kids have started IN PERSON school at Nelson Elementary, which is less than a mile away from our ranch... and they are loving it! Of course, small town rules are in play now given we know some teachers and already have 'eyes' on the kids without them knowing!

We are looking forward to continue building Knape Beef up to be able to offer more consistent selection/packages to you and make it more accessible.

We are 100% committed to Knape Beef and we are also exploring some land development opportunities, oil/gas, or even purchasing a local small business. If you know of anything or have ideas, feel free to pass along!

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