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Delivery Day!! Reconnecting!

Yes!! Delivery day... our new favorite days of the year! We are now an official ongoing operation and we owe it all to our friends and family for their support and encouragement!

Lots of emotions going into this day: fear, anxiety, doubt (doing anything new) reminds us that we are going against the grain (seriously, no pun intended, just rolled off the tongue)! Those initial emotions melt away with each customer we greet! Our deliveries have been amazing; catching up with folks and truly Reconnecting personally with people we haven’t seen in a while.

Delivery! Reconnecting. Because we love what we do so much and reconnecting with our customers, we just can’t help but get excited seeing the expressions on their faces when we deliver their beef. Year round we work our hides off taking care of our cows, putting out hay and checking them daily, so why should the random delivery guy get all the smiles and initial excitement we've prayed so long for?!

"It's a small world", such an overused phrase but ironically in today’s Small Town USA, not everybody knows your business anymore. We can get disconnected, which is fair because we are all busy with life, but delivering our Beef gave us an opportunity to do something different. Get out and see people, talk to people, truly engage with our neighbors. Best comment, "Talk about knowing your rancher!" Everybody met us with an open door and smile... it is a true blessing sharing our passion with y'all.

We thank God for the opportunity to help serve our neighbors by offering a product where our customers know its origination, environment (Houston area), treatment (humanely), trust (no anti-biotics, hormones)... and in the backyard of a local Veterinarian.

Trust your gut feeling. We learned it from the community we grew up in and we all know that your initial gut feeling says a lot. Through 'delivery day' it showed yet again that we are blessed to reconnect in another way with our community... by doing what our community taught us best... put yourself out there, take chances, believe in yourself and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Just a few pic's of our day!

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